A look at some of my favorite projects that I've been a part of — from social media strategy, to writing and creative direction.


Hurley Digital Marketing

In my six years at Hurley, I grew the Instagram from 0 to 1M followers — organically. By adding value through connecting fans with athletes in an authentic and most importantly, a visually beautifully way, we built a passionate community of Hurley fans. As part of the Brand Comms team, I also helped create seasonal campaigns and bring them to life across all brand platforms.


Aus Open of Surf

Ten days and 10K followers later, the Aus Open of Surf remains one of the best experiences I’ve had in my career. I took over the Aus Open of Surf Instagram for the event in 2015, elevating the experience by taking it from an account with a lot of poorly executed sponsor shoutouts and unemotional event updates into a feed that truly told the story of the event and the athletes, while still managing to support sponsors without breaking the top-of-the-line visual aesthetic and storytelling experience. Read more here.

The Ecology Center

Photography and Social Media at The Ecology Center

When I started at The Ecology Center, a small non-profit focused on sustainability, their approach to social media was very ask-orientated; asking people to buy memberships, come to events, donate money, buy products, read the blog, etc. I flipped the script and turned their Instagram into a value-add platform (see here, here, and here) where I shared useful tips for sustainable living. Give, give, give, then ask. We grew from 9K to 20K in my nine months there and saw a significant increase in event sign ups. 



I was lucky enough to be able to join the team at SWELL as we brought back their beloved catalog in 2016. I did the creative direction and copy for the entire catalog. It was a beast but so, so fun. Click here for more on this project.

Hydroflask Commercial Production

Production and Casting for Hydroflask

Casting and location scouting for a Hydroflask commercial that featured four 25-30 year olds in a warm location, meant to capture the bottle's ability to keep ice cubes frozen for 24 hours. 


SVN Space

Since launching in April 2018, I've been writing for SVN Space, a female-focused hemp/cannabis media platform. Click here for an article on hemp as a textile, here for a profile on Yuyo Botanics, and here for a profile on Sagely Naturals.